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A & L Entertainment - A Storied Tradition

Early Days

A & L Entertainment started out as the booking arm for a small night club in Houston called The ShowBiz. This club and A & L Entertainment would go on to play a significant role in introducing the world to one of the most prolific legends of Country Music ever to grace the stage - Kenny Rogers. In the early 1960's Kenny was a college student and a member of the Bobby Doyle Three who frequently was booked by A & L Entertainment to play the stage at The ShowBiz


In 2019 the grandson of the owners of A & L Entertainment resurrected the name and the brand. Now A & L Entertainment focuses on providing software solutions to arts companies as well as developing new types of entertainment shows.

Featured Products and services:

SETC - Southeastern Theatre Conference


SETC Exhibitor Hall

Booth 416 Louisville KY
Feb 27-29, 2020